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i-Sensory 2018

The Cognitive Lab is organizing lectures, music combined TED Talks, workshops etc. on a small as well a large scale. Also we can organize an evening-filling event for your company.

The contend of our lectures has always the focus on talent detection, talent optimization, ideas concerning work&move and a working environment to optimize performance. Key note is to create and idea of who are the best in the world (what is talent exactly) and how  we can optimize employee performances. It can be stated that 90% of your firm capital and future success is determined by the level of talent of your employees. The ideas of The Cognitive Lab are always presented within the company of well know world class master piano players to give the lectures its appearance.


Dr. Erik Matser

Dr. Matser graduated as a clinical neuro- psychologist and has 25 years of experience in clinical neuro- psychology. He worked at St. Anna Hospital in the Netherlands for 15 years and was an associate professor of the department of neuroanatomy at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. Dr. Matser obtained his PhD in 2000 on the topic ‘brain injuries in sports’ and proved that typical residual symptoms such as fatigue, decreased performance / cognition and emotional instability can be caused by an accumulation of impacts to the head. Ten years ago he started his own clinic for people with brain injury. Dr. Matser has conducted studies in New York at the Cornell University to gain more insight into residual symptoms of brain injury. Some of those ideas have been implemented in the current Fifa protocol on how to treat players who sustain a concussion during the game. This protocol has already successfully been applied for several years all over the world. He worked as the first team psychologist of Chelsea FC on the staff of the renowned coach Jose Mourinho for four years. Subsequently he joined Brendan Rodgers, current coach of Liverpool FC. At present Dr. Matser works with the Belgian football club Anderlecht FC. Eric views every person as a complete being and believes that every human spirit is like a fingerprint – completely unique. Because everyone is different, they therefore react differently to injuries. Eric’s core business is personal attention and tailored treatment.
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